These days everyone seems to be doing their projects. With so many tutorials on how to do DIY projects, it is hard not to. The Do-It-Yourself movement has reached the business world, and we are beginning to see small business owners, doing some things on their own to save money. One of the things that are simple and can be self-taught is the design of logos. It is not challenging, and with the right guidelines, you can be able to make your logo successfully.


The first thing you need to know as you design your logo is the brand of your business. A logo should be able to communicate your business brand, something that will not be possible if you do not understand your business. Once you know your business, you can then embark on logo design trying to incorporate your brand in the logo.

Always remember as you create your logo at that less is much. It is not in putting a lot of details in your log but on how you can make the little stick in people's memory. Therefore, do not try to make your logo carry so much information but rather select a few significant details and incorporate them into your logo. When you do this, your target market can get the most important details from your logo because the eye will be attracted to a simple, tasteful logo as compared to busy one.


Some logos do not have to have an image. You could opt to have a logo that has only fonts. This is not as simple. It is not about having a few words; it is about a lot more than that. You need to use the most attractive font in a size and color that is appealing. While you are at it, consider the layout of the words. Most of the time the text contains the business name.  to learn more about logos, visit


You also need to consider the number of colors on your logo. When you use many colors, there are two significant disadvantages such as the cost of printing the logo seeing that the more the colors, the higher the price. If the logo has so many colors, it may end up looking crowded which will make it not appealing. Therefore, stick to a maximum of three colors to save on costs and to have an attractive logo.


Lastly, if you are making your logos, you need to invest in logo design software or applications. When you do so, you will be able to create logos that are authentic and of high quality. The design software should be reputable for making good logos. You will need a software that has features that are easy to use since you are creating the logos. You do not want complicated software that will give you a hard time using it. Get logo design tips here!



With these tips, you can embark on the DIY logo design journey, with confidence.